First Self-Portraits

These last few weeks have been filled with going through boxes: some mine and some my grandmothers. I sorted through thousands of photos and negatives, not to mention a plethora of shit I forgot about. While digging through boxes upon boxes, I have stumbled upon the first “serious” set of self-portraits I shot. I was 17, in my first quarter of college, 3000 miles from home (the Pacific Northwest) in the deep south, in sweltering 108 degree heat with 98 percent humidity, and didn’t know anyone. It’s a good thing one of the assignments in my “Introduction to Photography” class was a self-portrait series and my dorm room had air conditioning. Anyways, here’s a little look back at yours truly, and no, I wasn’t dressed up, that’s really how I dressed. Oh, to be young again…


What do you think?

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