It ain’t all analogue…

This weekend we went across the mountains to the eastern side of the state. and I mean waaaaay eastern, like, almost Idaho. I packed my 35mm Holga, and a 120, but alas, the trip was so sort (we were only in town about 30 hours…) and we were working (well, I was volunteering) at Spokane pride, we didn’t get a chance to explore or hike or even stand on the bridge at the falls, and I didn’t even get to shoot one analogue picture. What I did end up getting was a wicked sunburn (on one side of my body) and one picture taken from my Hipstamatic app. So now I look weirdly pink on one side, and I have a nice little picture from our trip.

Near Moses Lake, WA. SXSW, Pistil.

While I don’t use the Hipstamatic for anything but my own mementoes, as I think the quality is to poor for any prints of a decent size, I do think it’s a fun photo app for the iPhone, one of the best for “iPhoneography,” and I hope it makes people interested in the vintage and toy cameras that inspired the app.


What do you think?

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