No Camera Required

Not all photography requires a camera. Sometimes we make photograms, sometimes we make a “camera” out of a nut, and sometimes, like the image below, we lay things out on a plastic slide cases or flatbed scanner and scan them directly to our computers.

You don't need a camera to take a photograph

There are whole hell of a lotta ways to make a photograph. Once I even microwaved a roll of film in a bowl of marinara sauce and printed the film, which showed the chemical reactions of heat and the acid in the sauce. Those were some splashes of bright colour and fun times, but I’m getting off track. My point is: lots of fun can be had in photography without ever picking up a camera, so remember to have fun and experiment, because you never know what gems you might meet.


2 thoughts on “No Camera Required

  1. I always have a sunprint kit (in a plastic container for developing) in my travel bag. Anytime I am on a road trip and make a stop at a restop station, I create a sunprint. I have about 100 from the last 15 years.

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