Starting From Scratch: Hello Canon!

So, I finally caved and got a DSLR (don’t worry analog! I am still your #1 fan and continue to tote around my Holgas and other miscellaneous old-school cameras, but it was time to jump on this digital bandwagon) and I feel like I’m starting from scratch.

I feel like I am 16 again with my first 35mm SLR and just getting used to the camera and the controls and the lens. Depth of field and shutter speed and f-stops and metering all seem like old friends I haven’t seen lately and we need a little while to catch up.

While I get acquainted with this strange creature called “digital” I will shoot the same sort of things I shot when I was 16 and getting to know my first Canon SLR. Which is basically close-up nature shots and other such things. And I have to be OK with that. Afterall, it’s an excercise in getting to know one another.


One thought on “Starting From Scratch: Hello Canon!

  1. Oh I so relate. When Kodachrome died, I bought a Canon dslr, and still going through lessons in my mind to learn how to find the f-stop, shutter etc that came so natural for so many years. Menus are not intuitive like my print camera was. I miss that smooth line that the exposure to light on film could only captures.

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