Camera Shelf

Mostly I shoot 120 film, and mostly I shoot with the Holgas, though I adore the Rollieflex, as the lens quality is impeccable.

120 mm:

Rolleiflex K4 TLR

Bronica SLR

Plastic and toy cameras:

Action Sampler

Holga 120 S

Holga 120 N (Pretty in Pink Holgawood)

Holga 120 pinhole

Holga 120 wide angle pinhole

Holga 135 BC

Modified Polaroid back for 120 Holgas (This fraken-holga back has a depth of focus area at 7-8″. it is a beast that i am trying to get a handle on. but, I like it.)

Dories (a pretty rare Diana clone from the 1960’s- with a lense that has less focus capabilities than the holga)

Vintage and other cameras:

Argus 75 (620 film, currently testing)

Kodak Holiday Brownie (127 film, shutter sticking, currently being worked on)

Kodak Brownie Twin 20 (620 film, currently testing)

Kodak Pocket Folding Camera 3A (122 film, in working condition, using modified 120 film)

Kodak 828 pony and Kodak 135 pony (currently testing)

4×5 handbuilt clay pinhole camera

Polaroid Land Camera 350 (currently testing)

Kodak Brownie (not working)

Polaroid OneStep sx-70 rainbow (not working)


Canon EOS 60D SLR

35 mm:

Canon EOS 30 SLR

Canon AV-1 SLR

Canon AE-1 SLR


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