Inspiration: Mary Ann Tipple Textile Art

I’ve been looking around at a lot of modern quilters and textile artists lately as I’ve been working on my quilting skills in general and working on how to merge photography (specifically old family photographs, which I have boxes and boxes of) with textile art. Fusing my family history with the utilitarian collective history of both photography and craft arts is something that has always interested me and been a prevalent theme in my own art, and it’s always interesting to see what others are doing in this realm as well.

And that’s how I ended up stumbling on Mary Ann Tipple‘s work. She has been working with old family and found photos for almost a decade.

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While her intention lies more in visual art than the utilitarian aspect of quilting (she transfers he images using gel-medium transfer techniques and often adds hard embellishments on the final quilts), I love her sense of history and the questioning of place in her work. You can see more oft Mary Ann Tipples work at her website, Textile Art Tipple.

The Etymology Behind the Colour

Ever wonder where certain colours got their names from? Well, Merriam-Webster decided to set our mind at ease and offers us a top-ten list of unusual colour names and where they came from.

Know what colour this is? And do you know where it got its name?

Know what colour this is? And do you know where it got its name?

Vermillion made the top of this list, followed by verdigris and titan. Bisque, puce, cattleya, smalt, damask, jasper, and bittersweet also make appearances.

Included with each colour name are interesting tidbits about art and culture, and, as all good dictionary blog posts should include, a history of the word itself.

So if you want to find out which color Francisco De Goya was so fond that people just started referring to it by his name, go check out the full list of colour names (and get your learning on) over at Merriam-Webster.

Iris and Poppy

For the second day of Long Shot, My wife and I traveled to Vashon Island to see my mother, and I ended up just taking a few quick photos in her garden. And then, before I knew it, it was 6PM and long shot had ended. now I just have to go through my pictures and sort out which ones to submit for the show.

And something else happened this weekend too. I started to relax. so much of the time I am so busy being serious about my writing and photography that I seem to get stuck in a very serious rut. But I am never serious about anything I shoot on my iPhone, so, all weekend when I was shooting pictures, and had nothing but my iPhone to use, I wasn’t taking anything seriously at all, and, quite frankly, it was quite freeing. Sometimes it’s just nice to relax and see what happens when you push the “shutter.”

The Man of Steel and Other Such Heroes

This evening marked the kick-off of Long Shot, the Photo Centers NW annual fundraiser in which hundreds of photographers from around the world shoot for 24 hours, and later the prints are auctioned off.

I had grand plans for the 24 hours when I signed up a month ago, but my life seems to have run away from me again and I am spending the 24 hours of Long Shot with my in-laws. and so I grabbed my iphone with it’s toy camera app, and my wife’s camera with the hipstamatic app and the Holga lens filter/ adapter for the iphone, and am spending the next 24 hours taking photos of my 24 hours with the in-laws.

First stop? The comic book store. Where I got some fun shots, and picked up Kick-Ass 2 while I was there. Lesson learned? Find inspiration where ever you can.

The Windy City

A friend and I just had a whirlwind trip in Chicago. I always thought I wouldn’t really like Chicago. I have no explanation for why, exactly, I thought this, but I know I’ve felt this way for a long time. Even when I was in high school and was offered a partial scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago, I had absolutely no interest in even visiting. Ever. But circumstances led me there this past weekend, and turns out I was wrong all along. I love Chicago. Even though I was only there for 2 days and most of the time I spent at a conference, I just fell in love with the city. I want to go back just as soon as possible, and this time actually have time to explore and to take my damn camera out of my bag and take a few pictures. But for now, my few Hipstamatic shots I took will have to suffice.

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I love the packed atmosphere of the city: apartments and houses almost stacked on top of each other, creating a beautiful jagged skyline. Tiny back porches and fire escapes, riding past Wrigley field every day while listening to the clickity clack of the train, cafe signs with flashing lights and 1950’s lettering, and just the hum of the city’s soundtrack were all things that made me fall instantly in love. And yet there seemed to be a soft quietness underlying the bustle of the city, which made me swoon even more. And I hope I get to go back some day.