Inspiration: Mary Ann Tipple Textile Art

I’ve been looking around at a lot of modern quilters and textile artists lately as I’ve been working on my quilting skills in general and working on how to merge photography (specifically old family photographs, which I have boxes and boxes of) with textile art. Fusing my family history with the utilitarian collective history of both photography and craft arts is something that has always interested me and been a prevalent theme in my own art, and it’s always interesting to see what others are doing in this realm as well.

And that’s how I ended up stumbling on Mary Ann Tipple‘s work. She has been working with old family and found photos for almost a decade.

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While her intention lies more in visual art than the utilitarian aspect of quilting (she transfers he images using gel-medium transfer techniques and often adds hard embellishments on the final quilts), I love her sense of history and the questioning of place in her work. You can see more oft Mary Ann Tipples work at her website, Textile Art Tipple.


Color Palette: Clutches in the ’80’s

For our last colour palette this week inspired by the Antique store, we’ll go out with a pop of bright, bold colours and end in the 1980’s. Wait…the ’80’s are now considered “antique”? Seriously? Oh well. Anyways, I found a great drawer full of clutches, many I would have actually dropped some cash on if I weren’t sticking to a budget, so instead I snapped a pic to make a colour palette.

eightiesClutchWhat item do you want to bring back from the 1980’s?

Color Palette: Tree Houses

One of my absolute favorite TASCHEN books out right now is Tree Houses. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was surrounded by the woods for most of my childhood and spent a lot of time camping or at my family’s small cabin in the middle of the Wenatchee National Forest. Now I dream of staying in tree house b&b’s (an easily achievable dream as there are quite a few in the area), watch shows like Treehouse Masters, and drool over the below book.


Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history.

-Phyllis George

Color Palette: Heironymus Bosch

Todays inspiration comes from TASCHEN‘s cover for their new book on Heironymus Bosch, the early Netherlandish painter who painted scores of fantastical paintings derived from biblical scenes. The books cover features the main panel from The Garden of Earthly Delights. Although I have never been an overall fan of Bosch’s work, I must admit this painting incorporates some of my favorite colors. TASCHENBOSCH