Color Palette: Winter Leaves

Here’s another palette inspired by what’s right in front of me, this one of my mom’s yard. Even though it’s the middle of winter, and most things seem dead, there is colour all around us.



Color Palette: Beach Moss

Today I’m taking a break from the TASHEN book cover inspired palettes and getting inspired by my surroundings. I went to visit my mom a few weeks ago and spent the rainy gray Pacific Northwest weekend walking along the rocky beach, all bundled up in galoshes and my rain coat. So here’s a colour palette inspired by what I always think of when i hear the word “beach.”


Lost and Found Photos

There’s just something about old photos that I love, especially when I walk into an antique or junk shop and find a box filled with discarded memories. Who were these people? What were they doing? Sometimes there are clues, left in handwritten notes on the back of the photographs, begging a quest that will never be fulfilled. They are mysteries, and, most likely, they will never be solved. And this leaves the possibility for endless stories to be created, sparked by someone elses forgotten past.