My Grandfather, camping, sometime in the mid 1950’s. What I really adore is the borders on photos from the ’50’s


My Aunt and my Grandfather. This is one of my favorites of my grandmothers photographs so far that I have found. Though I have no idea what is going on here, I itch to know the story behind the looks on the faces of my family. Plus- the composition is intestesting, as my Grandmother has always ha a good eye for negative space, and it was taken on kodachrome, which means all these years later, the colours are still brilliant.


my mother, circa 1955

My grandmother took this snapshot of my mother around 1955. The original slide has faded, and I have no intentions on correcting the toll that time has taken. What interests me about the image is that, unlike many of my grandmothers photographs which are somewhat posed to tell a story, this image was likely just a study in composition using the resources available to her at the time.