My Grandmother on the Canadian prairie in about 1916. This was one of the first negatives of her mothers that my Grandmother gave me, and it remains one of my favorites. Perhaps it’s that Lewis Hine like sentiment that I find so attractive.



My Grandmother in Alberta, Canada, around 1918

How lucky we are to have these photographs, these snapshots of history…

My grandmother, Grace, on the Canadian prairie, in 1918

A few days ago a posted a snapshot my grandmother had taken of my mother as a girl in the 1950’s. Here is a snapshot of my grandmother, taken by my great-grandmother, Emma, in 1918, when my grandmother was 7 years old. My grandmother is sitting second from the left. I imagine what life would have been like for Emma, moving with her family to various places her husband had been promised opportunities, farming land that was sometime fertile and sometime not, and never letting that camera out of her hands.