Color Palette: Polly Pocket Wizard of Oz

For the last in the Polly Pocket colour palette series this week, I deviate from vintage, because, well, I just had too. Because I found a full on Wizard of Oz set. I mean, are you kidding me? I don’t even actually own any Polly Pocket sets, but I am totally tempted to drop $200 on this dang thing. For reals.


So, anyone have some themes for me to color palette?

The Etymology Behind the Colour

Ever wonder where certain colours got their names from? Well, Merriam-Webster decided to set our mind at ease and offers us a top-ten list of unusual colour names and where they came from.

Know what colour this is? And do you know where it got its name?

Know what colour this is? And do you know where it got its name?

Vermillion made the top of this list, followed by verdigris and titan. Bisque, puce, cattleya, smalt, damask, jasper, and bittersweet also make appearances.

Included with each colour name are interesting tidbits about art and culture, and, as all good dictionary blog posts should include, a history of the word itself.

So if you want to find out which color Francisco De Goya was so fond that people just started referring to it by his name, go check out the full list of colour names (and get your learning on) over at Merriam-Webster.