The Man of Steel and Other Such Heroes

This evening marked the kick-off of Long Shot, the Photo Centers NW annual fundraiser in which hundreds of photographers from around the world shoot for 24 hours, and later the prints are auctioned off.

I had grand plans for the 24 hours when I signed up a month ago, but my life seems to have run away from me again and I am spending the 24 hours of Long Shot with my in-laws. and so I grabbed my iphone with it’s toy camera app, and my wife’s camera with the hipstamatic app and the Holga lens filter/ adapter for the iphone, and am spending the next 24 hours taking photos of my 24 hours with the in-laws.

First stop? The comic book store. Where I got some fun shots, and picked up Kick-Ass 2 while I was there. Lesson learned? Find inspiration where ever you can.


Taking the passenger only ferry from Vashon to Seattle in the early morning fog. An overall feeling of isolation and quietness overtook me on this chilly foggy morning (which actually happens to be my favorite kind of morning in the PNW), and a minutes after i took this photo, we passed a scene that was almost the same, but there were dozens of birds resting on the water. Alas, I missed that shot, but still very much like the one i ended up with.

Hipstamatic Snail

Like all digital medium in photography, I continuously feel cheated by the fact there’s no analog control or hands on work that goes into the final product, and I love, love, LOVE the darkroom. But as a friend reminded me the other day “Don’t be so hard on it, or yourself. It is, after all, just another tool”.  In an attempt to remember that, here’s one of my favorite shots from the Hipstamatic app I’ve taken in the last few months.

It ain’t all analogue…

This weekend we went across the mountains to the eastern side of the state. and I mean waaaaay eastern, like, almost Idaho. I packed my 35mm Holga, and a 120, but alas, the trip was so sort (we were only in town about 30 hours…) and we were working (well, I was volunteering) at Spokane pride, we didn’t get a chance to explore or hike or even stand on the bridge at the falls, and I didn’t even get to shoot one analogue picture. What I did end up getting was a wicked sunburn (on one side of my body) and one picture taken from my Hipstamatic app. So now I look weirdly pink on one side, and I have a nice little picture from our trip.

Near Moses Lake, WA. SXSW, Pistil.

While I don’t use the Hipstamatic for anything but my own mementoes, as I think the quality is to poor for any prints of a decent size, I do think it’s a fun photo app for the iPhone, one of the best for “iPhoneography,” and I hope it makes people interested in the vintage and toy cameras that inspired the app.