Grace and Poppy Quilt: Part 1

I’ve been getting more and more into quilting lately, and made a slew of baby quilts of the last few months for the slew of friends having babies this spring. But I’ve been getting really bored just making the same old patterns and quilting the same way over and over again.

So, being inspired by Natasha Kerr and my plethora of family photographs, I have decided to start a quilt incorporating my favorite picture of my grandmother, Grace, and her husband, Hank (also referred to a Poppy by my mom and her sister). This will probably take me about a year or so to complete, and I’ll keep the quilt on the small side.

To start things off, I’ve made a mood board.

moodboardThe photograph of my grandparents will be the the central focus in the quilt, but I also wanted to incorporate their life farming in central Washington (Poppy grew wheat and Grace ran a small iris farm). I also added some fabric swatches to the board as well. It all seems like a good place to start, and next I’ll be working on my color palette. Stay tuned!


Color Palettes Found Everywhere

I recently learned about the blog Color Collective, a blog that shares color palettes from photos found on the web. The palettes are generally based on fashion or home decor and are fantastic. What a great idea to hone and share inspiration.

In fact, I was so inspired I decided to try making some of my own. It’s good practice for looking at colors (and I mean really looking–catching nuances and shades and all sorts of other things I haven’t done since art school). However, I want to mostly look at book covers, because I’ve also been working on book covers lately and it’s good practice to look at what others are up too.

I’m starting with a bunch of TASCHEN books, because they are a publishing company I look up to in complete awe, and I’ve spent the the last 2 days looking through their newest catalog anyways. It just seemed like a good place to start.

So here’s my first color palette, inspired by Small Architecture Now, complete with Pantone codes.