Kitchn Kitchens: Part 3

One last kitchen inspired palette from The Kitchn. Bon appétit, and happy cooking (and designing)!



The Kitchn’s Kitchens: Part 1

So, I have been feeling rather uninspired with colour these past few weeks, until The Kitchn posted a blog on organized kitchens from real cooks. And those were inspiring on so many levels! They make me want to reorganize my kitchen (well, mainly my fridge and freezer since the rest is fairly organized), make me want to hunt for vintage Pyrex, and make me wish we didn’t live in a rental so I could have open shelving.

In the meantime, I’ll just make colour palettes inspired by other peoples kitchens.   kitchen1

Color Palette: Clutches in the ’80’s

For our last colour palette this week inspired by the Antique store, we’ll go out with a pop of bright, bold colours and end in the 1980’s. Wait…the ’80’s are now considered “antique”? Seriously? Oh well. Anyways, I found a great drawer full of clutches, many I would have actually dropped some cash on if I weren’t sticking to a budget, so instead I snapped a pic to make a colour palette.

eightiesClutchWhat item do you want to bring back from the 1980’s?

Color Palette: Those ’70’s Ceramics

There is something I really love about 1970’s home decor. The earth tones, the bizarre tchotchkes, the shag rugs, the over the top ashtray designs, and the macrame. I mean really, how many books dedicated to the art of macrame do we need in the world? But I digress. I really do love some of what came out of that era, and today’s inspiration comes from ceramic relics from decades past.

SeventiesCeramicsWhat’s your favorite throwback item from the ’70’s?

Color Palette: Vintage Dresses

One of my favorite things to peruse in thrift or antique stores are the dress racks. I spent most of my teens donning formal wear from the 60’s and 70’s I “borrowed” from my mother, from bright blue and green paisley print mod dresses to baby pink taffeta 60’s formals with over-sized bows on the back. Those dresses were everyday dress-up for me, and to this day I usually make a bee-line for the dress rack as soon as I enter a vintage shop.

VintageDressesWhat’s the item you bee-line first to in an antique or thrift store?

Color Palette: Vintage Glass

This week we’re antiquing! And by antiquing, I mean browsing in boutique-y antique shops in downtown Seattle that I will only ever be able to afford to buy a yard of fabric. But no matter, I can still spend hours wandering through the aisles of bakelite and Kodak Brownies, drooling over art deco glass and suitcases from the ’70’s with big bold flower prints.  The first color palette in our antiquing adventure is inspired by a very large curio cabinet filled to the brim with glass.

VintageGlassDo any of you out there antique? What’s your favorite treasure to hunt for?