Color Palette: Polly Pocket Wizard of Oz

For the last in the Polly Pocket colour palette series this week, I deviate from vintage, because, well, I just had too. Because I found a full on Wizard of Oz set. I mean, are you kidding me? I don’t even actually own any Polly Pocket sets, but I am totally tempted to drop $200 on this dang thing. For reals.


So, anyone have some themes for me to color palette?


Color Palette: Polly’s Cafe

It’s like Polly Pocket took the Lanford Lunch Box and made it into a compact! Or Twede’s (home of the Twin Peaks cherry pie)! Or some other classic diner that’s been featured in a major motion picture show, sitcom or televised drama. At any rate, it’s pretty clutch.

pollycafeAlso, if you ever come visit me, I will totally take you to Twede’s for coffee and a piece of cherry pie…