In 1994 Kurt Cobain was discovered, dead, in his home overlooking Viretta park, in Seattle, WA. Now the benches throughout the park act as makeshift memorials, even 17 years after his death.

Taking the passenger only ferry from Vashon to Seattle in the early morning fog. An overall feeling of isolation and quietness overtook me on this chilly foggy morning (which actually happens to be my favorite kind of morning in the PNW), and a minutes after i took this photo, we passed a scene that was almost the same, but there were dozens of birds resting on the water. Alas, I missed that shot, but still very much like the one i ended up with.

Hipstamatic Fun with Yarnbombing

While walking through Occidental Park in Pioneer Square the other day, I noticed something Seuss-ical among the usually naked trees, light posts, and various other metal structures among the park. The whole damned thing has been yarn-bombed. Of course I grabbed my phone and started snapping, and to my initial disappointment, my phone was apparently on crack: double exposing, mirroring, and splitting all the images I took. But perhaps it just added to the mystical wonder of standing in an urban forest covered with brightly coloured sweaters.