My Aunt and my Grandfather. This is one of my favorites of my grandmothers photographs so far that I have found. Though I have no idea what is going on here, I itch to know the story behind the looks on the faces of my family. Plus- the composition is intestesting, as my Grandmother has always ha a good eye for negative space, and it was taken on kodachrome, which means all these years later, the colours are still brilliant.

Snapshot taken in the 1950's by my grandmother

Too many un-posed family snapshots end up in the wastebasket instead of albums, and what a pity! The trials of trying to get 7 children posed and perfect on the stairs for a portrait presents a much more interesting story than the final portrait likely does. Some say Diane Arbus used to stand with her camera in front of her subject for a few minutes, until the posed smiles faded and her subjects started to forget she was standing there with her camera, and only then would she release the shutter, in an effort to document her subject as best she could. Perhaps the photojournalist in my grandmother thought along similar lines, and saved the photos she took when no one was aware because she saw the potential intrigue in the types of snapshots most don’t seem to save.