More Brownie Twin 20 Photographs

I am really loving this fantastic little camera!


Testing … Testing … Brownie Twin 20

It’s a delightful (and rare) occurence when I drop off a roll of test film (ie- the first roll of film I’ve run through a camera I purchased at a yard sale, antique shop, or that devil of a website ebay) and come back to find a roll of film that’s actually usable. It’s almost more exciting than Christmas. And it’s exactly what happened today. I finally ran a roll of test film through my Kodak Brownie Twin 20 that I acquired at an antique mall down in New Orleans in October, and am happy to find the camera is in working condition. No light leaks, and the film was (pretty much) properly exposed. The lens is a little out of focus, but let’s be honest, if I wanted a crisp image, I wouldn’t be using old plastic cameras. Granted, I have yet to take anything but photos of houses in my neighborhood, but hey, that’s what test rolls are for. And besides, I live in a pretty rad neighborhood.